Once you are happy with your settings, you can choose which users can access these new settings before publishing a new version of the configuration. 

Navigate to Manage Scopes

1. To customise the user scope, click the Manage Scopes button to the right-hand corner. 

2. Select Create Scope. You can either clone an existing Scope and its settings, or, set it to Default Values. The Default Values settings are the settings that come with the Managed Package and are what you see in the first ever version of the Config  Settings (created automatically on Managed Package installation).

3. Give the scope a Name and define the Scope with the fields below. You can set the scope to be the Org Default, applicable to certain Profiles and/or applicable to certain Users

Here, the Sales Rep Scope defined above means that only users with the Sales Profile will receive the new configuration when it is published. 

4. Select the drop-down arrow at the top left-hand corner of the Axsy Config UI and select a scope of users. Each scope created has its own configuration, allowing for different behaviour for different users and profiles.