When you publish a new configuration version, a new set of metadata is created that tells the app what information to retrieve and then sync at login on the Axsy Mobile App. The metadata file is essentially a snapshot of the Axsy Config Settings at the time of publishing. This means that changes made on the Salesforce Platform will only be implemented when a new version of the Config Settings is published. 

Any changes made to your settings before being published are saved as a draft. To implement changes to a version already published, you need to publish a new version.

Any mandatory custom fields on the ContentVersion , ContentDocument or ContentDocumentLink objects will prevent the publish action from creating a corresponding version file. 

The configuration settings are stored in a JSON file attached to the App Version record on Salesforce. To ensure that the version will be successfully published, JSON files must not be blacklisted as a file type in your org. 

1. Once you have saved your changes, select the green Publish button to the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

2. Add any notes if needed and click Publish