An Axsy Config Version contains all the settings controlled via the Config UI. You can capture the settings of a published Config Version and import it into another Org so that you don't need to manually recreate them. 

Save the Config Settings JSON in the Target Org

1. Navigate to App Config Version via the App Launcher. 

2. Select the App Config Version you want to export to another Org. Save the JSON file in the Files Related List. 

Create a New Config Version in the Target Org

1. Create a new Config Version either by the Config Settings UI (by creating a new Draft Version from a Published Version) or via the App Config Versions tab. Ensure that in either case the Status is equal to Draft

Via Config Settings UI


Via App Config Versions Tab 

2. Navigate to the Version via the App Config Versions tab and add the JSON file you saved earlier. Ensure the Name of the file is Config.json

If you have created the new Config Version via the Config Settings UI, an existing file will already be there. You don't need to remove this; you can simply upload the new file.

3. Navigate to the Config Settings UI and amend references to List Views (if applicable) by deleting the List View imported from the source Org, and assigning the equivalent List View available in the current target Org. Save your changes. 

  • For more information on how to assign a List View to a Record Set Query, please see this article: Configure Query Details

4. Publish the Config Version via the Config Settings UI