When you create a Filter Query under the Query Details tab of a Record Set, you can then go on to specify its conditions and apply filter logic to the conditions. 

For more information on configuring the Query Details tab of a Record Set and creating Filter & List View queries, please see this article: Configure Query Details

Navigate to a Filter Query for a Record Set 

1. Configure the Filter's Object Type and Object Field.


2. Select Add Condition and then select the new condition to configure the logic for it. Conditions act as the WHERE clause for your query. 

3. Once you have created more than one condition, you then need to create logic for how the app should combine and evaluate the conditions. In the Filter Logic field, create a SOQL query with the logical operators AND and OR .

In this example, the Filter Logic would accept condition combinations 1 AND 2 AND 3 or 1 AND 4 AND 5 depending on what conditions are met.

All conditions need to be included in the Filter Logic field, otherwise an error will appear preventing you from saving your changes. 

Order the Results of the Filter Query 

You can additionally order the results of the Filter Query after the conditions have been applied by selecting Add Order By. You can then select the query to modify the Field, Sort Direction and Nulls Position. 

If you add multiple Order By queries, the results will be ordered in the sequence the Order By queries are created in.