The following List View types are not currently supported for the Object List Plugin, based on the SOQL query created on the Salesforce Platform during List View creation.

Unsupported Features 

  • scope – only scope mine is currently supported
  • Operators contains and does not contain for picklists and multi-select picklists
  • WHERE clause on Polymorphic Salesforce Fields (e.g. conditions that use fields like Visit Owner or Location for Retail Execution)

View the List View SOQL Query on Workbench

1. To view the SOQL query that is generated from your List View, login to Workbench and navigate to REST Explorer

2. Enter /services/data/v53.0/sobjects/Object/listviews as a GET request and open the listviews folder. Open a List View folder and then select its describeURL.

3. Then you can inspect its properties and SOQL query.