The Axsy Object List Plugin allows you to configure, for easy access via the Axsy Mobile App's Side Menu, Objects that are included in Record Sets. 

For more information on the Object List Plugin for the Axsy Retail Execution App, please see this article: Additional Object Lists

Navigate to the Axsy Config Settings on the Salesforce Platform 

After navigating the to the Axsy Plugin Config Settings on the Salesforce Platform, follow the steps below corresponding to the diagram.  

  1. Select the Plugins tab. 
  2. Select Main Menu Record List
  3. Select Components
  4. Select New to create a new Object Record List item. 
  5. Give the Record List item a Title and select the corresponding Standard or Custom Object API Name. The Object List item will then appear under the Components tab. 

Please ensure that the Object you have selected for the Object Record List item also has a Record Set created for it before you publish your changes. For more information on how to create Record Sets, please see these articles: Record Sets

Configure a Default List View for the Object List Item 

Optionally, you can also set a default List View that the Object List item will display when you select it from the Side Menu. Available List Views are derived from List Views saved for that Object in the Salesforce Web UI. 

Salesforce List View types available in the Axsy Mobile App are subject to the limitations outlined in this article: Object List View Limitations

Enable the Object List Plugin

Ensure the plugin is enabled before you publish your changes, by selecting the General tab for the Object Record List Plugin and ensuring the Enabled checkbox is ticked.