Axsy Plugin Config Settings allows users to configure what and how many widgets they would like to be synced for the Store Dashboard or Visit Summary Dashboard in the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App. 

For more information on the behaviour of the dashboards in the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App and setting up Flows, please see this article in the Axsy Retail Execution Knowledge Base: Retail Store and Visit Summary Dashboards

Navigate to the Axsy Config Settings on the Salesforce Platform 

After navigating the to the Axsy Plugin Config Settings on the Salesforce Platform, follow the steps below corresponding to the diagram.  

1.  Select the visit-flow-dashboard under Plugins

2.  Select Components.

3.  Select New. Give the widget a name and select the type of widget you want to create. 

4.  Fill in the fields for your widget. Your widget will now appear under the Components tab of the Dashboard Plugin. 

Common Widget Fields 

All widget types contain the following fields: 

1.  Dashboard: Select the Retail Store or Visit Summary Dashboard. 

2.  Display Order: Enter a number for what order you want the dashboard to appear in the app.

3.  Title: Enter what you want the widget to be called when it is populated in the app. 

4.  Flow API Name: Enter the API Name of the Salesforce Flow that will be used to retrieve data to be used in the widget. 

Flow Output Variable Fields 

The other fields to be filled in relate to the widget type and the Salesforce Flow's output variables that populate the data for the widget. 

Enable the Dashboard Plugin 

Ensure the plugin is enabled before you publish your changes by selecting the General tab for the Dashboard Plugin and ensuring the Enabled checkbox is ticked.