The Axsy Config Settings provide a way to generate the Salesforce metadata needed for Salesforce Flows, Salesforce Translations, Salesforce Layouts and Salesforce Validation Rules when a new Config Version is published. Accordingly, users that have access to the published Config Version will not need to have admin permissions enabled on the Salesforce Platform to access the metadata in the app.


The user that publishes a new Config Version with metadata generation enabled needs the following permissions enabled for their Salesforce User: 

  1. Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions.
  2. View Setup and Configuration.

What's Included?

The following table breaks down what metadata is included: 

Metadata ItemDetails 
flows Metadata for Salesforce Flows (and their subflows) deployed by Quick Actions, deployed by Lightning Actions, included in Flow Tasks, and referenced in an Axsy Plugin's settings in the Axsy Config UI. A new version needs to be published whenever a new version of the flow is available. 
translations All translations configured in the org. 
objects All Salesforce Objects identified from sync relationships, across all aspects and scopes in the Axsy Config UI, including validation rules. 
layoutsAll layouts for Salesforce Objects that require Actions, including Lightning Actions, for all objects included in the Axsy Config UI. 
plugins All standard and custom Axsy Plugins. A new Config Version needs to be published when a new plugin version is created or updated. 

When changes are made to any of the metadata listed above, a new Config Version needs to be published with metadata generated in order to see those changes in the app. 

Steps to Generate Metadata 

1. When publishing a new Config Version, select the Generate Metadata button and then select Publish

2. When the new Config Version is published, the metadata will have the status of one of the following: 

Not Required'Generate Metadata' was not selected when publishing the Config Version. In this scenario, the Axsy Mobile App will fall back to querying Salesforce directly to retrieve the metadata, and the mobile user will therefore need to be granted the permissions listed above.
Note: Flow translations are not available in this scenario and are only supported with metadata generation.
PendingMetadata generation is still ongoing. Config Versions that have the metadata status  Pending will not be available in the mobile app.
AvailableThe metadata has successfully been generated and will be picked up when logging in to the app.