The Events tab of the Axsy Web App allows you as an administrator to review events that have occurred for users in the Axsy Mobile App. With an in-depth breakdown of what objects, records and other data have been synced, you can pin-point where errors are occurring for troubleshooting purposes. 

To view app events, navigate to App Launcher > Axsy App > Home > Events on the Salesforce Platform. 

Events List 

Event Type Details 
Login The user has logged into the app. Device specifications and Axsy Config version details are available. 
Initial Sync The initial sync has completed in the app and the green banner has appeared on the screen. Sync statistics are available. 
Daily summary A collecton of all events logged in the last 24 hours. It includes app starts, records uploaded, records downloaded, request statistics and metadata synced. 
Memory warning When the app uses data above a threshold set by the device's OS, a memory warning is sent to the console. 

The events list displays all the events that have occurred in the app over the past day by default. You can change this by specifying different start and end dates that are within 7 days of each other.

Events that have the severity 'Warning' are events where at least one request error or long running request has been logged. 

Once a day, an Apex trigger runs and deletes events that are older than 7 days. 

1. To filter events, select values available in the drop-down picklists for Salesforce User, Profile, severity and type.  

2. To display the details of the event, select the radio button for the event record. 

Event Details

1. To view the device specifications, app version and operating system, select the General tab. 

2. To view the total duration (in seconds) of the sync, Salesforce API requests, Salesforce API request duration (in seconds), amount of long requests and errors, navigate to Sync > Overview

3. To view detailed error information about individual errors, navigate to Sync > Errors

4. To view a list of long requests made by the app, navigate to Sync > Long Requests

5. To view a bar chart of the total number of records synced to the app per object, navigate to Sync > SObject Tools. Hover over a bar in the chart to display exact record numbers. 


6. To view the JSON for all of the Salesforce API requests and responses recorded for the event in the app, navigate to the JSON tab. 

To download the JSON as a file, select the download button next to the Event Details header.